• Ursula's Gin Bar

    27 November TO 26 March 2021

    As a wedding gift, Ursula Barr-Smith's father gifted his daughter and her new husband, Bill Hayward, the land on which Carrick Hill was built. While their magnificent house was under construction between 1937-39, Ursula set about designing the garden and what a wonderful job she did. In homage to Ursula and her love of entertaining, we're launching Ursula's Gin Bar, a relaxing way to unwind from a busy working week or a beautiful venue to catch up with friends.


  • Mr Badger tells the story of "The Wind in the Willows"

    20 February TO 21 March 2021

    Mr Badger tells this much loved, classic story celebrating the joys of nature and friendship. An intimate, delightful storytelling performance makes an ideal family outing and shared experience for ages 5-95.


  • Friends of Carrick Hill Events

    18 March TO 24 June 2021

    The Friends of Carrick Hill host regular events to raise money for Carrick Hill.