Free twilight talk with Chris de Rosa.


Date: Thursday 30 September

Time: 5:30pm

Where: Carrick Hill House

Tickets: Free but must register at

For my botanical installation in the Loggia I am acting as a kind of bricoleur using intuitive combinatorial logic to create an object (installation) by rearranging other objects. Through playful exploration (rather than deductive/analytic reasoning) of the flora and ephemera from the surrounding garden I will attempt to reframe or manipulate the expected view and presentation of native and introduced flowers. This approach was largely inspired by the intricately formed clay nests of wasps clinging to corners of the liminal Loggia where culture and nature begin to engage. Interestingly the formal garden design by Ursula Barr-Smith was based on the cellular design of the formal English park but is surrounded by 40 acres of bush.

Chris de Rosa

  • Talk starts at 5:45pm
  • Drinks for purchase at the bar
  • Come and enjoy the sunset