Date:         Monday 22 August 2022
Time:         6:00pm - 7:00pm
Location:  Great Hall, Carrick Hill
Tickets:     $20 Talk only 
                   $30 Talk and drink (sparkling wine, beer or sparkling mineral water)
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The award of the Archibald Prize to William Dobell for his portrait of Joshua Smith in 1944 provoked "one of the biggest legal smash hits since Ned Kelly". 
The controversy convulsed Sydney's art world, society and politics, knocked the Pacific War off the front pages of newspapers, and saw a crush of viewers pack the normally serene halls of the Art Gallery of NSW.
Leading the uproar and subsequent bitter legal battle was Mary Edwards, the painter who with Garfield Barwick as counsel prosecuted the case against Dobell and the gallery trustees all the way to the Supreme Court of NSW. 
In this talk Dr Peter Edwell, who teaches in the Department of History and Archaeology at Macquarie University, discusses the book he published recently about the controversy.
The book is the first full study of the controversy, court case and its aftermath. As a relative of Mary Edwards, Peter offers new and intriguing insights into the intense behind the scenes events involving some of the leading political, business, legal and art figures of the day.