One performance

DATE:  Saturday 25 September 

TIME: 7:30pm

VENUE: Carrick Hall, Main Hall 

Tickets $25

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Carrick Hill presents a  New Music concert featuring resident sound artist/composer Christopher Williams (Moog, Theremin) and three of Adelaide’s finest New Music performers and composers: Gabriella Smart (Artistic Director, Soundstream New Music – acoustic and electronic keys); Derek Pascoe (Lecturer, Sonic Arts, Elder Conservatorium of Music – tenor saxophone); and Hilary Kleinig (Artistic Director, Zephyr String Quartet – cello). These musicians have each collaborated in the making of Christopher’s two sound installations currently on exhibition.

The Scattering of Leaves suite comprises three site-specific works developed from new music scoring techniques and includes an audio score, a graphic score and a text score. There is ample scope for the musicians to improvise within the overall score, so every performance will sound unique. Performing in the Great Hall at Carrick Hill House in an intimate setting, the musicians will use the architecture of the space to fill the Hall with music and immerse the audience.