Garden In The Foothills
Feint, Adrian George (1894 - 1971)
1958, oil on canvas, 24cm X 44.5cm

Australian Museum of Gardening

The first project of the AMG is an exhibition that explores how gardens and gardening have been enjoyed and experienced in Australia over the past 245 years documented through the eyes of artists and through garden related objects.


Australians have enjoyed the pleasure of what plants and gardens yield through nearly two and a half centuries. This exhibition traces how trends and fashions have shaped what Australians in all walks of life have chosen to experience in gardening whether as a private or professional pursuit.

Gardens have been a part of our culture as a dynamic creative activity in our community for nearly two and a half centuries.

Artists in particular have captured our passion for plants and places where gardening takes place. 

The artists with works included in the exhibition are:

 George Steggles  Thomas Robert Way
 Pieter Van der Heyden  George Reynolds
 Alice Hambidge  Hans Heysen
 Bernard Hall  David Jones
 Stella Bowen  Henry Davis
 Sidney Albert Boriston Oates  Mick Pfund
 Edmund Deiderich  Keith Phillips
 T. Bowles aft. J Maurer  Gilbert Spencer
 C F J Grampton  Charles Hill
 Eric Ravilious  Adrian Feint
 Grace Cossington Smith  George Cruickshank
 Claire Leighton  Barbara Hanrahan
 Oliver Bullock  Pierre-Joseph Redoute
 Sydney George Ure Smith  Dee Jones

This exhibition will evoke through paintings, drawings, prints, books, implements and ornaments some of the 'Endless Pleasure' referred to in the title.

Exhibition runs from 5 August to 31 January 2016

Sponsored by: Alfred James, The Friends of Carrick Hill and The Carrick Hill Development Foundation.

Endless Pleasure: Exploring and collecting among the byways of gardens and gardening

Garden writer Trevor Nottle has edited a book entitled Endless Pleasure to accompany the exhibition. He persuaded more than a dozen other contributors to write about their favourite garden produce recipes, tools, experiences and the collecting of garden-related objects — including the ubiquitous tyre swan, baskets and lead figures! It is a stylish accompaniment to this first project of the Australian Museum of Gardening, and captures some of the endless pleasures that gardens and gardening have provided for Australians.  The books are available from the Carrick Hill gift shop.