The long-term future has enormous potential. In The Study of the Sky Adelaide-based glass artist Alex Valero engages with ideas relating to ‘longtermism’ – a school of thought examining the effects of our actions on humanity’s vast future. Informed by arguments made by Australian philosopher Toby Ord in his book The Precipice, Valero interrogates our existential risk, the future we are failing to protect, and humanity’s potential within the cosmos.


Known for his innovative and experimental approach to working with hot glass, Valero is the inaugural recipient of JamFactory’s FUSE Glass Artist Residency. Held biennially, the residency aims to create significant opportunities for mid-career artists working in glass across Australia and New Zealand. Artists have the opportunity to work from JamFactory’s Glass Studio with skilled assistants, to take risks and experiment with new work. This major solo exhibition is an outcome of the residency. Showing in the Wall Gallery.