A Collection Curated by Carrick Hill Volunteer Guides

The role and position of volunteer guides at Carrick Hill has evolved since its inception in 1984. 24 current and two retired guides not only led fun and informative tours to visitors and groups, they have catalogued and researched collection items, as well as trained new volunteer guides. 

Guides generously share their considerable knowledge of the extensive and eclectic collection that Sir Edward and Ursula Hayward, the house's original owners, amassed since Carrick Hill was completed in 1939. The breadth and depth of this knowledge is as wide and as deep as the oceans the Haywards travelled to acquire the pieces on display in the Wall Gallery.

This exhibition is a uniquely personal selection of just a few of our guides' favourite objects. Their affection for the collection, and for Carrick Hill, shines through the diverse items on display, revealing a connection between the objects and the guides themselves.

Ceramics from across the globe, continental glass and textiles, English silver and furniture, and bronze sculptures from here in Australia are just some of Carrick Hill's extensive collections on display. The guides illustrate through their richly diverse selection for this exhibition how intriguing the collection is, with something for every taste.

Carrick Hill, through this exhibition, would like to acknowledge that our guides are instrumental to our success, and ensure that the more than 100,000 guests a year enjoy their visit.