Robert Hannaford, Australia, born 1944, Grapes (detail), 2013, oil on canvas, collection of the artist

Robert Hannaford’s fascination with the visible world has sustained an artistic practice built on close observation of the everyday, from people and places to creatures, plants and all kinds of objects, great and small. Central to this is the act of looking with fresh eyes, to see things as if for the first time.  For the artist, art has always been about ‘the thing seen, the thing in itself.’ Nowhere is this more evident than in his body of work linked to still life traditions. The real thing is the first exhibition of Hannaford’s work to focus on this aspect of his practice. It brings together familiar and rarely or never exhibited works, paintings, drawings and formative sketches to demonstrate that for Hannaford the simplest thing can be a wonder to behold.

The context for this exhibition is Carrick Hill’s own significant collection of still life paintings by artists including Nora Heysen, Augustus John, Henri-Fantin Latour, Paul Nash and Stanley Spencer. The Real Thing is the latest within a ‘collection connection’ series of exhibitions that have been part of The Year of Stories, designed to focus on and celebrate the legacy of Carrick Hill’s art and heritage collections.

The Exhibition runs until Sunday 28th June 2015