Margarita Stipnieks was born in Latvia, and graduated from the Academy of Art in Riga. After exhibiting in Europe and the United States of America, Stipnieks arrived in Australia in 1950, and settled in Adelaide, painting still-life (especially flowers), portraits and figure work. She was accepted as a Fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, and in 1963 was appointed visiting lecturer at the South Australian School of Art.

In the late 1960s, Stipnieks gave private lessons at Carrick Hill to Ursula Hayward (q. v.) and a group of friends. The tutor's penchant for impasted textures and strong tonal contrasts is echoed in the pupil's flower paintings also in the Australian Collection Exhibition.

Stipnieks's [STILL LIFE] FLOWERS, undated, is an appealing and rhythmic work in her free painterly style. The heavy pastiche, similar to the work of Matthew Smith (who is represented in the British Collection at Carrick Hill), turns a mundane subject into an adventurous work of art. Stipnieks's confident technique produces a crowded canvas, where richly-decorated geometric shapes compete with the creative energy of the flowers. The artist uses a myriad of brilliant colours to produce this work of intense vitality.