Although the creators of these works are unknown, it is possible that they were done by the graphics section in John Martin's, and may have been meant for use as personalised Christmas cards. (Edward Hayward was Managing Director and later Chairman of John Martin & Co. Ltd.)

CARRICK HILL II, undated, is one of a pait of cartoons, done by the same person and at the same time, as the house is identical in both. This work depicts a front view of the house, the presence of kangaroos implying that the area was relatively undeveloped bushland. One of the Haywards' Great Danes, magnified in size, peeps from the left of the house, signifying the prominence of their pets in the life of the owners.

PARADISE (LOST?), undated, is done by a different hand to the above work, and can be placed around 1938 or 1939 during the construction of Carrick Hill. Some of the activities and points of interest in and around the Adelaide of that time are depicted.